“The next best thing to having the world at your feet is to have a dog at your heels,” said Vogue in 1930. “They are the only friends that money can buy… There are philosophers and scamps, mystics, snobs and saints. Some are at home on a satin cushion; others must stretch their legs and lungs in the open country, while others amiably fit in anywhere.” 

Dogs are indeed our best friends, and in the fashion world, they have played the glamourous role of fearlessly loyal companion to style icons, royalty and models. 

We get up close with some of the world’s top designers and their four-legged furry models who live fabulous fashionable lives we can only dream of.



Dubbed "the hardest working dog in fashion" by T Magazine, Neville, the friendly Bull Terrier, is nearly as famous as his designer dad. A bonafide Instagram star, he travels by private jet, has released a memoir "I'm Marc's Dog", and is the spokesdog for The Sato Project, a project that rescues abused and abandoned pups in Puerto Rico. He's also a real party animal and loves hanging with the beautiful people like Karlie Kloss and Christy Turlington. Neville once fronted his own fashion line, Bark Jacobs, but sadly it didn't take off. You can't have it all, but when you're Neville Jacobs, you almost can.


Throw Nev a bone wearing….






Dries Van Noten's passion beyond fashion is Airedales. Called the "King of Terriers" because it is the largest of the terrier breeds, the Airedale, like your average fashionista, is super sociable, smart as paint and requires lots of grooming. The Belgian fashion designer's last Airedale, Harry (pictured), was the cover star of Dog magazine. A couple of years after he died, Dries bought his darling Scott, who we love following on the designer's Instagram. We think he’s as handsome and avant-garde as his papa. 


Take Scott for walkies wearing….







Blue-eyed Toutou (‘puppy’ in French) has the Parisian life that makes other dogs’ paws twitch: walks in the French countryside, café outings and fashion shoots. He even has his own Instagram @mynameistoutou. The first two pictures Porte shared of Toutou were liked a quarter of a million times each, so Toutou launched @mynameistoutou with a bio reading: I Love Croquettes, Sunny Days and My Two Dads. J’adore. We want his life. 


Wear Toutou-approved fashion for Paris walkies….






Valentino Garavani's five pugs – mother Molly and kids Margot, Maude, Maggie, and Monty live the high fashion life. From couture fittings to flying high in dad's 14-seat Challenger Jet they're living the fashion dream. While they have it all, don't expect to see them dressed up in Valentino couture anytime soon.  "I find (dressing up dogs) demeaning and ridiculous," says Valentino. "[My dogs] are not clowns or little dress-up dolls and should not be treated as such."


Keep up with the puggies wearing:




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