Of all the design elements, colour is the single most powerful in dressing, and when combined, harmonious and unexpected mishmashes have the power to transform, uplift and inspire.

Successful colour combinations often depend on getting the proportions right. A touch of contrasting colour is lively and refreshing: too much can be uncomfortable if vibrating blocks compete for attention. Luckily there are style mavens and iconic moments to inspire our colour clashing. 

From parchment-pale shades to Crayola bights, here are 4 we’re just crazy about.


Black and toffee (or beige, dare we say), is a classic and adaptable palette that can be reimagined time and time again. Case in point: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy who made beige all the rage in the 1990s. Pairing it simply with black in the cleanest of shapes has made this effortless colour duo a sure-fire style statement. 




A fashion fruit salad in shades of lime, lemon, mango and berry can be tough to wear, but when pulled together in a floral print, it’s a cinch. Perfect for any style or age, let your budding brights steal the show, applying accessories with the lightest of hands: corgi and Prince Charming optional.





Is that a smile we spy? Clearly Ms Wintour loves to wear pink and purple, and so do we. That old adage about pink and purple being the ultimate style taboo? Strike it from the record: this non-traditional colour combo is back in vogue, on the street and, thanks to Marni and Isabel Marant, in our wardrobes, too.  





Ah, the one outfit we liked in Just Like That, and of course, it's in a dreamy shade of pale blue with a pop of grey. Soft neutrals are always valued for their versatility. Right now, blue and grey stand out from the rest for their ability to work in every fabric from flannel to fleece, in shades like sky, pearl and granite. Style up or down, it's a combination that always looks en pointe in relaxed or refined forms.




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