By Elizabeth Clarke


A cleverly curated wardrobe means being able to get dressed swiftly and stylishly for any occasion.

Here are three fast turnarounds with quick chic solutions.

“Let’s go to dinner!”

You have been slaving over a deadline when a non-negotiable dinner date beckons. 

Solution: Keep some flexible evening staples on standby that can upstyle your workwear look in a flash. Replace your jacket with a fabulous top, downside from work tote to clutch, apply a louder lipstick, higher heels, and neckpiece that instantly glamourises your look.



“Your son’s fine, but we have a problem..”

You are admiring your post-Pilates glow when your son’s teacher calls you for an urgent tête-à-tête.

Solution:  Luckily it was Pilates and not aerobics, so peeling off your lycra fast won’t be too arduous. Quickest fix here is to throw on a dress that requires next to no styling. Choose something chic and cheerful to distract attention and fill your son’s teacher with unexplained joy!


"Can you jump on zoom – right now?”

You can, but thanks to daylight saving, you’re still in your pajamas. Luckily, zoom requires top half dressing only, so denim, drawstring pants and fluffy slides are, for once, perfectly acceptable!

Solution: Think simple, streamlined, easy and quick! A collared anything is a no brainer. It’s the ultimate face-framer and a touch of tailoring always looks professional. Nili Lotan, Xirena and Dries Van Noten are hard to beat. So is the right colour. Look for one that evokes confidence and alertness, like bright yellow or blue representing intuition, imagination, inspiration, and wisdom! Wake up your complexion with Trinny London’s quick-to-apply face enhancers (obsessed) and down a strong espresso. If you’re truly desperate, wear sunglasses and tell them they’re prescription. You’ve got this….



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