Planning a New Year's Eve 'do'? Take inspiration from JJ Martin from La DoubleJ. The American-born, Milan-based writer and design doyenne is known for her keen Italian sensibility and uber-maximalist style. Her fashion style translates easily into her table settings that are richly layered using her own line of dynamic tableware and accessories.

The key to styling a fabulous table, she says, is combining contemporary pieces with special objects from yesteryear. "I love traditions, but I like to interpret them with my own vision," she tells Elle Décor.  "Mix by blending the old with the new. Look at what we have once more, then re-invent it and re-dream it."

When setting your table, tap into the La DoubleJ way and take tips from the goddess of prints.



"Maximalism isn't just an aesthetic expression; it's also a question of feeling," the confessed 'printaholic' tells Elle Décor. "If it feels good, it's good. If it feels bad, it's no good. I've always had a really fun, maximalist table. For me, more is always more."

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As a maximalist, JJ loves the madness of prints, colours, and patterns.

"I like order in my chaos," JJ tells Domino magazine. "Vases in all glass, but in different colours, or placements in one pattern with varied napkins. It helps to have a category in the same family as a starting point." When it comes to flowers and vases, JJ says there are no rules. "I am never too specific about flowers—it's about what I find at the flower market near my house," she tells Domino. "Let's be honest: no one likes tall flowers on a table. You can't talk! I make it festive by breaking down the flowers, cutting them short and doing small groupings in bud vases to create a tablescape."

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Avoid using hired crockery and caterer's tableware, even for a big party. "I always use my own plates," JJ tells Domino. "It's special when everyone has something different, and mixed plates look beautiful stacked on a buffet table."

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Never stress about everything matching perfectly, and instead combine your tableware for a unique and eclectic look. "Don't feel confined to have everything the same," she says. "I never have a fear that I won't have a set of 8 and 10. I love a mix and match table."

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"Plates are always a conversation piece," she tells Domino. "I make a ceremony of bringing them out. At first glance, the plates in our Double J Housewives collection have nothing to do with each other — but they look great together."

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