Paris may be the main reason France is the most-visited country in the world. From its buttery croissants and fluffy soufflé to wide-open boulevards, Belle Epoque architecture and the chicest of fashion, it is a stylish girl's favourite city to visit.
Regardless of how often you have been to the City of Light, the iconic spots are always a must —the Eiffel Tower! The Louvre! Notre Dame! Yet it's the niche we seek that is harder to find.
While arming yourself with guidebooks is a must, there is nothing like a personal recommendation. We quizzed Adam Heath's E-commerce & Digital Marketing Manager, Tara Clarke, hot off the plane, for where to go right now. Some are old favourites and others are new.
Take notes for your next Parisian vacance!


“Think moody lighting, delicious food and ideal setting for celebrity spotting,” says Tara. “We were seated at the table next to Sofia and Nicole Richie who were in Paris celebrating Sofia’s hens. The entire restaurant is gorgeous but terrace tables are hot property - and the ones flooding our Instagram feeds.”


“Not to be mistaken for the actual restaurant, this sibling establishment in Saint Germain is a stand-up antipasto and wine bar. Lovely meaty French sharing plates make for no-fuss decision making. On arrival you are hit with “how many glasses, red or white, dry or fruity?” It’s not for everyone, but it has so much heart and soul.”


“Impeccable service and the tastiest food! I couldn’t go past their Dover Sole and would happily take their complimentary fresh radishes over bread any day. The staff love to have a chat and offer their personal recommendations. After two years of working as a kitchenhand preparing their famous ‘thin, very thin apple pie’, it was our waiter’s first shift on the floor and we were not disappointed by his dessert recommendation.”


“Although there is a full dining menu, we popped in for a pre-dinner aperitif. Located dangerously close to our accommodation in Saint Germain, we were able to pop in to check for availability easily. It was a saving grace – it’s not as easy to get a walk-in nowadays.”


“Grab un café from Café Kitsune and head to the Luxembourg Gardens or the Tuileries. Perch yourself on one of Paris’s iconic green chairs and enjoy the toy sailboats race on the pond.”


“Weather permitting, you can’t go wrong with a day trip to the Palace of Versailles! Go early before the crowds arrive and explore inside the palace. We spent much of the day sitting in the sweeping gardens feasting on baguettes, Ladurée macarons and a bottle of rosé - all purchased right at the palace! Be sure to track down Marie Antoinette’s apartment on its outskirts – many forget about it as it’s always so quiet.”


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