When you’ve had a career as successful as Rebecca Grace, it’s no wonder you're a household name in Western Australian floristy. The extraordinary Rebecca Grace, of Natural Art Flowers, opened up the doors to her Claremont Studio to Adam Heath, and showed us exactly how she turns a blank canvas (four walls and sealed concrete floors to be exact) into an extravagant masterpiece using only her hands, an array of fresh flowers and her undeniably limitless imagination. Rebecca handpicked her wish list from our Claremont boutique, all whilst allowing us to take a peek into her own natural habitat just in time for Mother’s Day

You’ve had an overly successful career in floristry, you’re a household name here in WA – but it wasn’t initially what you set out to do. Was there one particular moment that you can pinpoint, where the light went on and you realised floristry was what you were supposed to be doing, or was it more of a gradual realisation? Once you did realise, where did you go from there?

I never really planned to be a florist. I’m a bit of a day at a time kind of person. Floristry was just one of the jobs I had when I was at university and I never really considered it a career. After uni I travelled putting off the inevitable “real job” and when I returned I was desperate for money and ended up working with Angela Broad for nearly 3 years.  I still didn’t really think of it as a proper job and pursued other jobs dabbling in Photography and mosaics. Once I started doing jobs by myself and eventually employing people, the fun challenges and hard work were addictive and me and my awesome team have never looked back.



As a mother, you understand just as well as anyone the joys and challenges of juggling motherhood, running your own business and everything in between. But, you’re obviously someone who thrives under the pressure – do you think that’s when you produce some of your best work?

Haha no question about it! I probably wouldn’t get out of bed unless I was under a certain amount of pressure. It’s also good to make time to play and experiment though. A few quiet days where you can try new things and have space to think and explore.



What would be the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn as a business owner?

Keeping your creative juice’s flowing in any type of business is a number one priority. You have to always try to rediscover the joy in making and the creating to keep yourself enthused. There is nothing better than when you create something. You have the vision, planning, then the making and when it all comes together, it's awesome.

What aspirations do you hold for yourself, as well as for Natural Art Flowers for the future?

Part of me has no idea. I guess I am always looking for new challenges, opportunities and collaborations.



What advice can you give to our customers looking to freshen up their homes this Mother’s Day? What flowers are in season? And what’s your secret to keeping flowers fresh for longer?

Keep it simple! In my own home I would rather just a couple of more expensive blooms that give me a bit of colour and I know are going to last a while. Also there are some incredible disbuds chrysanthemums coming through in beautiful autumnal tones that last forever!

And for those who’ve left Mother’s Day to the last minute, when will you be closing off Mother’s Day orders?

Saturday 12th May at 12 o’clock!




Photographed by Thomas Davidson
Location Natural Art Flowers by Rebecca Grace
Hair and Makeup Ashley Brockman using MAC,  represented by Artists At Play
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