Our love affair with clothes is a fine romance. We covet them, sometimes stalk them, and once they are ours, wear and launder them with love. In return, they give us beauty and confidence, put a spring in our step, and make our fashion-savvy friends green with envy.

There’s plenty to love right now, and watch. Here are the pieces we’re falling for hard. Wear them with your beloved and revisit one of our all-time favourite rom-coms.

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers.


Two female friends, Vicky and Cristina, on a summer holiday have an illicit affair with a handsome painter, Juan Antonio, and are unaware that his ex-wife Maria Elena is about to re-enter his life.

Tap into Scarlet’s pretty florals in…




Edward, a rich entrepreneur, hires Vivian, a prostitute, to accompany him to a few social events. Trouble ensues when he falls in love with her and they try to bridge the gap between their worlds.

Stomp the divots Julia-style….




As Sophie and her family are busy preparing for her wedding, she secretly invites three men, who were her mother's lovers in the past, with the hope that one of them is her father.

Pretend you’re in Greece wearing….




Alvy Singer, a divorced Jewish comedian, reflects on his relationship with ex-lover Annie Hall, an aspiring nightclub singer, which ended abruptly just like his previous marriages.

Channel Diane Keaton wearing….




Paul is a struggling writer who moves into a new apartment in New York. When he meets Holly, an eccentric but beautiful socialite, he hopelessly falls in love with her.

Be ever-inspired by Audrey wearing….




A chance encounter between two graduates, Harry and Sally, culminates in a short-term friendship. But when fate brings them back together five years later, they are forced to deal with how they feel about each other.

Steal Sally’s style in…..




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