Not sure what to wear or stumped by autumn’s new clothes? Fashion writer Elizabeth Clarke is here to answer those conundrums of style that can keep a girl awake at night. 

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  Q. How matchy should I go? Bec, Mosman Park

 A. Dressing overly coordinated is about as hot as yesterday's coffee. Avoid wearing ‘like with like’ unless it's florals by La Double J or pant or skirt suit designed to go together. The devil is in the detail, and the interest lies in the mix. Putting more classic pieces with something unexpected feels luxurious. Run a couple of common colours through your outfit for a sense of cohesiveness.

Try this:



  Q. How can I wear sandals this season? Emma, Cottesloe

A. Rain or shine, sandals remain the foundation for your feet this season. Slightly stompy but achingly pretty, sandals are super comfortable and add a sense of calm to clashing prints or cacophony of colour. Team with jeans, a tailored pantsuit, or shorts. A dress is another way to skirt the issue. Any length goes: shrinking or floor-sweeping.

Here are our favourite styles:



  Q. What piece will hook my summer wardrobe to winter? Stef, Swanbourne.

 A. A light jacket is perfect over a floral dress, tank or tee, knit, shirt, or cocktail dress. Not rocket science, I know, but it’s a piece with pure fashion power and the ability to transform the most simple of looks. It’s a must for instant chutzpah and key for wearing your wardrobe all year round.

Here are some styles I love:



  Q. Getting dressed up for the evening is a challenge. Any tips for easy 'wow' factor? Malika, Fremantle

 A. Keep it simple; think classic dress or pantsuit, then throw in a trophy piece. It might be a fabulous print, strappy heels, delicious handbag, or pair of dazzling earrings. A bold lip never hurts either.



   Q. My entire wardrobe is black. I want to try colour – but how? Sam, Qld

 A. Unless you play with lots of textures, all black can look a trifle vanilla. Crawl out from that dark place and take baby steps with prints to ease you into colour. I love this season's vibrant prints by Dries Van Noten with their inky black background. They're a great antidote to all black and not too confronting if you’re not accustomed to colour. If you feel particularly brave, swap your black bag for a primary hue. Softly goes….




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