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Meet Dr Lucy Caratti


What is your greatest extravagance?

Definitely shoes and bags, although I am getting more limited with the heel height I can deal with these days!


If you were a dish, what would you be? 

I saw a tweet recently that resonated with me: "I'm not like guac cause I'm extra. I'm like guac because I'm fun at a party for ten minutes, but then I just turn weird, and no one knows what to do with me."


How do you deal with a bad hair day? 

I slick it down and tuck it behind my ears.



What is your favourite journey?

I think this would have to be the journey I'm currently on through my Fellowship of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. I've become more aware of how everything around us can affect us positively or negatively, and I am constantly trying to transform myself while trying not to go down any rabbit holes!   It is incredible how many aspects of our modern life are doing us a disservice, yet how much stress it can cause to fight against society and make necessary changes. I need to keep fighting the fight, teach my children about their bodies and nourishing food, and how their minds and bodies are intrinsically connected. The journey is lifelong, and I will do it with a glass of wine in hand!


What are your must-buys for winter?

I love suits right now, and Nili Lotan's cream pantsuit is right up my alley. Comfort is key to great style, and my Marni silk pj's feel divine to wear. They're my new season go-to.




What is key to a healthy body and positive mind?

Aside from the obvious, I am a big believer in purpose and connection. Without these, your mind and body cannot thrive.


Your signature look?

 I am always in a mix of bright prints or a form-fitting dress. I'm definitely not scared of colour! I have fun with fashion, and I love anything feminine with a fabulous print.




Stamping grounds?

On the weekends, I can be found at Vans any time of day (I love a superfood salad!). Otherwise, in the evenings, I'm having a sneaky wine with friends at Pep's or my new local, Vinotto Bar. I love having dinner at Madalena's in South Fremantle, Lulu La Delizia, or any restaurants at the Treasury building.


What fascinates you?

 The intrinsic connection between our minds, bodies, and the environment. For example, walking in nature reduces stress and blood pressure, and practicing Breath of Fire makes you feel energised and focused. The environment and breath can change your energy or emotions. I love to stand barefoot at the beach in shallow water to recharge my body, or take five deep diaphragmatic breaths to relax the neck and slow down my pulse rate. The connection is incredible - try it!


What is always sitting on your desk?

An ever-growing pile of books to read! So much to read, so little time! Although once a book grabs me, I'm a goner.


Fitness regimen?

I walk and do yoga and Pilates. My goal this year is to add in some resistance training. I want to go into my forties being my best version to date!




Your favourite series or podcast and why?

I would love to say something intellectual here, but Real Housewives is my true love. Beverly Hills, OC, New York, New Jersey, it's a busy schedule! Kyle is my spirit animal.  I love podcasts, and my library is full of health-related series. I find them a great way to keep updated with interesting research and angles that address specific health issues. My favourites are Mark Hyman, Lara Briden, Kelly Leveque and David Sinclair.


Where do you feel inspired?

I hold Women's Wellness brunches with other health professionals to educate and open up conversations about many health issues, including menopause and perimenopause. Having a community of women sharing experiences and empowering them to deal with these symptoms is inspiring. I think the medical world has done a disservice to women regarding menopause for so many years by just telling them it is normal, resulting in so many women suffering in silence. Yes, menopause is inevitable but the symptoms are treatable and are not normal!


Long term ambition?

I feel my purpose is to empower women of all ages to be educated about their bodies and give them the tools to take control of their health. From school sex education to young women with period issues and women experiencing perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms, I love opening up conversations regarded as taboo and educating them about what is happening to their bodies. Seeing them connect the dots, understand why they feel the way they are, and be equipped to help themselves gives me so much joy! 



When do you feel most powerful?

 Fashion can transform and make you feel incredible. I feel my most powerful wearing an amazing outfit with full hair and make-up done.


What keeps you up at night?

 My kids! Motherhood does crazy things.


Most used emoji?

 Monkey with hands over eyes. I use it in response to another text that I have forgotten to reply to.


What music are you listening to?

 Dua Lipa and Kid Laroi make me so happy. Stay by Kid Laroi brings out something in me, and I jump around like a lunatic! My go-to chill out album is The Young Machines by Her Space Holiday. It's hypnotic. 


What accessory are you lusting over?

I love Siobhan Way's precious gems. They are simple and modern and incredibly light to wear.


What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Sitting around a table with delicious food and wine with my family and friends.


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