Meet your new best friend - the Cosmetic Sweater (#no_makeup_required)

Classic at its core, Parisian style is a delicate balance between appearing pulled together (ever so imperfectly) and choosing clothes not just for their looks but for the way they make you feel.

There are wardrobe basics no French woman can live without – the perfect navy peacoat, gently flared jeans, striped button-up shirts, and of course, beautifully made cashmere sweaters.

When searching for the latter, who better to go to than a Parisian herself?

We adore cashmere designer Alexandra Golovanoff, who embodies that certain je ne sais quoi à la Parisienne. A favourite with the world’s most stylish, including Sofia Coppola, Nicole Kidman, and Catherine Deneuve (who has a style named after her), Alexandra believes that makeup isn’t necessary when you wear her pieces. Selecting each colour based on what best flatters skin, hair, and eyes best, it’s “knitting that makes us beautiful”. From soft pinks and minty greens to various shades of beige gold, each imbues a subtle yet hyper-flattering boost to the complexion.

Knitted in Mauritius using the best cashmere, wool and organic Egyptian cotton yarns, her pieces are made to last and feel as beautiful, soft, and comfy as the very first time you put them on.

Draw inspiration from the spring/summer 2021 runways and embrace cashmere for its style cred and versatility.

Here are some of our favourite ways to wear a sweater –

    - Wear like a scarf to add texture, colour, or volume to your look. Choose a chunky or lightweight sweater and loop effortlessly around your neck.

    - Treat it like a throw, draping over the shoulders or simply knot around the body.

    - Use as a layering piece, wearing over or under a shirt, or draped over the shoulders of a tailored jacket or coat.

    - Tie around the waist of a billowing maxi dress to control all that volume.

    - Wear it over everything, from a slip dress and maxi skirt to tracksuit bottoms or tailored trousers.

          The designer recently launched Golorama – an online tool that allows you to select your eye, hair and skin colour, and generates colours that will make you look and feel your best! How brilliant – give Golorama a go and shop your colour!



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