The 5 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Items I’m Adding To My Closet
by Elizabeth Clarke

“You can never have enough of the basics. The perfect shirt, jeans, bag, sunglasses and sneakers …. you just can’t! They have magical fashion superpowers and can change your mood, posture, attitude, and day.  Because they work harder than any other item in your wardrobe, they can suffer wear and tear, which means they need to be replaced on occasion. Here are the five items I’m eyeing off at Adam Heath right now. Each one is immaculately made, a modern classic, and delicious to wear. Feel free to steal – if you can beat me to them… ”


“A white shirt is as key to flawless style as the perfect pair of jeans. I love its effortlessness, lack of pretension, and ability to impart a crisp, feminine sensibility to any look. No matter what its style, a white shirt’s timelessness and versatility is unparalleled. For me, Nili Lotan’s Ashlyn Shirt fits the bill.”



“Sexy and perfect, simple and practical, you simply can’t beat a great pair of jeans. I’m obsessed with Slverlake’s Grace jeans that are super flattering and vintage in style. They look cool dressed down and relax the most uptight of fashion items, which of course, is the true power of perfect denim.”




“I’m obsessed with Golden Goose Mid Star Glitter sneakers in Pink Ice. I adore sorbet colours, and pink and mint is the most sumptuous combination (note the heavenly tartan lining too!). Throw GG’s signature retro vibe into the mix, and these sneakers make even the simplest outfits spring to life.”



“The right sunglasses are the cherry on the fashion cake (and perfect for when you need an update, but not sure exactly what). I’m partial to the quirky and oversized with a sexy 70s bent, so Isabel Marant’s Zuko sunglasses are my dream specs. Plus, rose gold glasses always make a day feel cheerier.”



“A cool and functional day bag is a great place to play with colour, texture and shape. You should have at least one classic day bag (okay, maybe three) that works with everything and goes anywhere. Marni’s Trunk Bag in beige with a touch of blush and burgundy work seamlessly with everything. It’s chic but understated, which is always the aim.”


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