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Interview with Pascale Whiting - Perth Symphony Orchestra's Principal 2nd Violin for Mozart by Candlelight


After a year's hiatus, the Perth Symphony Orchestra’s ever so popular Candlelight series is back - and this time to celebrate and reimagine the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, under a brand new commission by Australian composer Joe Chindamo. With only 2 weeks until 'instruments up' we spoke with Pascale Whiting (Perth Symphony Orchestra’s Principal 2nd Violin) and Bourby Webster (Perth Symphony Orchestra’s CEO and Founder) to understand why this years concert was dedicated to Mozart’s legacy.

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Pascale, what was it that drew you to pursue a careers as a professional musician? And how did you come to perform with Perth Symphony Orchestra?

I chose to be a professional musician because making music brings me such joy and sharing that music with such appreciative audiences is the most incredible feeling. Being a musician is honestly so rewarding, challenging and fulfilling. I love that my work consists of performing every day with some of my closest friends. I love the variation; every day is different, with new repertoire, different colleagues and conductors, unusual venues and reaching new audiences... It keeps it so exciting and fresh.

I performed at the first ever PSO concert back in 2011 and I've been with the orchestra ever since! It is truly such a wonderful organisation to work for. 




You are performing in Perth Symphony Orchestra’s Mozart by Candlelight Concert on 16 October, do you have a favourite composition by Mozart you love to perform? (And why)?

The program for this concert is so beautiful. A perfect mix of chamber repertoire, orchestral and an amazing piano concerto! Along with these stunning works, I also think Mozart's Requiem is so special. It's one of the most moving and powerful pieces.

Why do you think Mozart was so loved by so many people?

Mozart was an absolute genius. He was one of the only composers in history who wrote in every conceivable musical genre and the sheer number of compositions that he wrote, in such a short lifespan, is hard to fathom! He wrote the most exquisite melodies that make your soul sing. He was cheeky and playful, but bold and dramatic. It is such a privilege to play his music and such a delight to listen to! 



Bourby, what is it about the candlelight concerts that make them so special?

There is something very special about flickering candles in a stunning space such as St George’s Cathedral. Candlelight has a soft orange glow, bathing the red bricks of the cathedral in warm light that resembles firelight. The shadows of the arches are accentuated creating a magical atmosphere, that, when filled with sublime music, creates an experience where you get goose bumps and is a totally immersive experience. For a precious couple of hours you forget there is a world outside.







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For more information about Mozart by Candlelight visit Perth Symphony Orchestra's website. 

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