The alarm chimes, the dog barks, and your wardrobe beckons. Some days dressing is a cinch; others, it's not. Like sipping that first latte, getting ready for the day should be an instant (and enjoyable) reflex.

Curating a wardrobe that reflects your style is key to effortless dressing.

Follow Elizabeth Clarke’s seven style tips for dressing beautifully seven days a week.



Simple pieces often make the biggest impact. Everything else revolves around them. A well-cut tee, shirt or pair of jeans always looks and feels good. It pulls you together. If you love a certain shape, multiply in other shades or colours. 





A blazer or jacket is the mainstay of your wardrobe and a step towards true sartorial happiness. Perfect fit, however, is paramount. The jacket's collar should sit comfortably on the back of your neck. When your jacket is fastened, you should be able to sit down comfortably. The hem should hang straight all around - no dipping at the back. Shoulder seams should sit properly at the crest of the shoulder, and a long sleeve should fall just past the wrist bone when your arm is hanging at your side. 






You could wear the same top and pants every day as long as you could change up your shoes on a whim. Sneakers, slides, boots and heels elevate your look from day to night and express your style and personality. A simple guide: the more lavish the dress, the simpler the shoes. The simpler the dress or fabric, the more embellished the shoes. Step up. 






A handbag is a much trusted and coveted accessory. We take it wherever we go; it keeps us organised and is the linchpin of every outfit. Always 'try on' a bag and look at yourself in a full-length mirror to make sure it flatters your proportions. Your bag's shape should be the opposite of your body's, so a structured bag suits a curvy figure, while a bag with soft curves flatters a more angular one. Magic!





Loyal to black and beige but curious about prints and colour? Mix it up a little. Start with a printed dress that is small in scale. Team with a shoe that is the same colour as one in the print or downplay the print's vibrancy with a neutral like grey, white, black or brown.






Indulge yourself every now and then. It might be something that sparkles, feels sumptuous against your skin, or a piece you don't really need – you just crave. Make sure it feels innate to 'you' and is easy to wear. Nothing reveals more than too much thought and effort.





Personal style is a look that's all your own. Copying someone else's look is risky. Some will be flattered – others will feel irritated. Find your groove and stay in your lane. Others are drawn to those with a strong sense of personal style. Now, go get ready for your day.





Do you have any tips for great personal style? Share them below - we'd love to hear from you!


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